Ever Need an extra Helping Hand while encouraging your students to become self-teaching? Along with The Self-Teaching Manual and the Student Planners, we have two additional HELPS for you!  Both available NOW! drowning.jpeg (18604 bytes)

Introducing:   The Self-Teaching Method of Homeschooling on CD!  This is a live, professionally recorded interview with Joanne, presented by Homeschool.com (The #1 Homeschooling Site on the Web!)  Joanne is interviewed by Rebecca Kochenderfer, co-founder of the website. This CD is part of the 2006 Winter Teleconference sponsored by.....you guessed it! Homeschool.com! The CD covers a bevy of information on the self-teaching method of education, and it is an uplifting and encouraging hour-long look into the private lives of the ten Calderwoods and their self-teaching pattern of life itself!

Joanne shares how she was led into discovering this revolutionary method of teaching her children to teach themselves, and the tremendous benefit of doing so! Self-teaching is motivating to parent and child alike! Not only does she mention the outstanding College Board test results her older children have achieved, but she goes on to forthrightly say that it is more important to her and her husband that their children learn to be kind, loving, obedient, caring individuals who are quick to obey and even quicker to help each other.

   Sometimes humorous, all the time real, Joanne shares from her heart to the heart of every listener the joys, triumphs, and tremendous successes her family has experienced educationally and beyond. She also tells you how you can begin today to implement into your homeschool this incredibly freeing method of schooling. She will give you tips, but what she won't do is tell you what curriculum you should be using!  She states that every family is inherently different, and what curriculum works for you, is what works best for you! No curriculum preaching!

One last note: at one point in the interview, Rebecca pauses to let Joanne know (as well as all the callers on the line) that she had more folks signed up to for her workshop than any of the other guests and speakers. Total registered: 1,700!   That just goes to show the interest and popularity of the self-teaching method of education. Want results?  Got a CD player?    

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Each CD $8.00




The Second Resource we have to offer you is

Private Consultation time with Joanne Calderwood.

How does this work?

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Quite simply, by phone. 

  1. Prior to the agreed-upon time for the tele-consultation, the person requesting it would be asked to make a list of questions and, if possible, email them to Joanne so she can be formulating answers before you even begin speaking together via phone. 

  2. Joanne will call YOU at the pre-arranged time, so there are no long distance fees on your part. The alotted time is a one hour time slot. This gives plenty of time for questions and answers to flow back and forth.

  3. In the event that one hour is not enough time to answer all questions, etc, another time period can be scheduled. 

  4. Joanne also will do one (included)15 minute follow-up session by phone, or  follow-up  emails with you to see how things are progressing, and to make sure that you have all the support you need to spring into the self-teaching method of education smoothly.  

  5. Joanne has a degree in elementary education, and she has "classroom" teaching experience.  However she has been homeschooling her children since day one. She has experience managing children with various personality disorders, as she and her husband, Tim, were houseparents in a Children's Home where they were blessed to meet up with some great kids! (...who carried some heavy burdens and labels.)  She has been a speaker at numerous curriculum fairs, spoken with homeschooling groups, hosted workshops, and has been a featured speaker on radio seminars and numerous teleconferences, to name a few. She has been with Encore Ink Publishing for 5 years.   If you have a tough situation to handle and need professional educational advice, you've come to the right place.  Joanne would be happy to serve you in this capacity. 

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    One Hour Personal Consultation $40.00