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At Last! A complete planning and organizing system designed for the homeschool student, with the parent in mind.  

                 A Versatile and Adaptable Tool for YOUR Homeschool:         

daytimerwithcheckmarks.wmf (8362 bytes) It's a daily or weekly work schedule!
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    Please take a few moments to read the Theory Behind the Planner section.  
It is lengthy, but very informative, and will give you a much more detailed picture
of what the Student Planner is all about.


Parents, you may never again hear the words,                       
            childyelling.wmf (22498 bytes)   "What should I do next?"


...begin your homeschooling year at any point and take breaks at any time. This one method of planning allows for the meeting of the standard 180-day state attendance requirement while still offering flexibility in scheduling.

    ...keep an entire year’s worth of records all in one place.

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